Prejudice, Discrimination And Inter Group Conflict Essay

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Prejudice, discrimination and inter-group conflict have all evolved and changed over time, but still exist and cause separation between groups today. Prejudice is defined as a preconceived judgement of a group and its individual members, supported by one’s stereotypes. Discrimination is negative behavior toward a group and/ or its members, often influenced by prejudices. As the new community leader at University of Maryland, I will work to minimize conflicts between black and white groups. Through my plan, I will work to reduce prejudice, discrimination, and intergroup conflict, which defined as the conflict between groups who categorize themselves as similar and who hold increased prejudices towards an “outgroup”. My plan for reducing conflicts between these groups includes utilizing the contact effect to increase positive feelings and opinions of members of one group towards the other, and using empathy promotion and perspective taking to force students to consider issues and conflicts from different sides.
First, I would use the contact hypothesis to group white and black individuals in situations where they are interacting casually, in a manner that isn’t forced, and where there is a common goal. The contact hypothesis has had measurable effects on reducing prejudice. Cook’s railroad studies were designed to test how contact can decrease prejudice (2009). The experiment’s independent variables were racially prejudiced white young adults, and the dependent variables were…

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