Essay on Prejudice And The Pursuit Of Common Goals

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Two ways in which prejudice can be reduced are Equal status contact and the pursuit of common goals.

Deutsch and Collins (1951) carried out an early study of equal status contact. They compared two kinds of housing projects, one of which was thoroughly integrated with blacks and whites who were assigned houses regardless of their race, and the other was segregated. The residents of both housing projects were intensively interviewed and it was found that both casual and neighbourly contact were greater in the integrated housing with less prejudice among whites towards blacks. It appeared to be environmental support, which was sustaining prejudice in the segregated housing. This shows us that when people of different racial groups or in fact any kind of group are put together in a situation where they can not do much about it grow to be less prejudice and get along more easily than those who are away from mixed groups of people. Therefore you could reduce prejudice by mixing different groups of people together in one community, this way everyone has the same rights and it is of equal status.

Stouffer (1942) and Amir (1969) found that inter-racial attitudes improved markedly when blacks and whites served together as soldiers in battle and on ships however, relationships were not very good at the base camp. This shows that when mixed groups are made to work together the prejudice is reduced however when put in a neutral situation, i.e. the base camp where…

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