Prejudice And Stereotypes Of Sexism In Disney Girls

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Sexism: prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex. It seems that in today 's society there are plenty of implicit stereotypes. For example, the definition for sexism is discriminating against women and men because it is basically saying that women are greatly more discriminated than men. However, men are just as badly discriminated as women are but society seems to think indifferently. This idea has probably been formulated because of the history of sexism in women. Sexism has been around for centuries. Since the late 1800s and the early 1900s, victorians had established strict gender roles that are still around today. As a result of this issue many men and even women seem to think that the majority …show more content…
The princess girl stereotype is derived from the Disney Princess. The physical appearance of a Disney Princess is unrealistic: she 's tall, she’s skinny, she’s fair, and she has the right amount of weight distributed in the right places. The Disney Princess Cinderella not only physically looks like this but also sends the message to young girls that if they do not dress well or look physically attractive they will never find their prince charming. This unrealistic appearance of the Disney Princess affects many young girls who try to achieve this look. Stephanie Hanes, a writer from the Monitor, claims, “[...] the $4 billion Disney Princess empire was the first step down a path to scarier challenges, from self-objectification to cyberbullying to unhealthy body images”(Hanes para. 4). This statement proves that many young girls are trying to achieve this look and by doing so they are risking their health. It’s obvious that no young girl can ever attain the Disney princess look because Disney princess are cartoons. However, young girls will go to the extremes and try to starve themselves to become relatively thin and buy loads of makeup to look attractive. These actions can result in the clinical diseases such as anorexia and

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