Positive And Negative Prejudice

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"Situational variables can exert powerful influences over human behavior, more so that we recognize or acknowledge" (Zimbardo). Social psychology is the study of understanding and explaining how the thought, feelings, and behavior of individuals are influenced by the presence of other people. When one is prejudice, he or she has a preconceived opinion about a person, without any initial interactions. Negative prejudice leads to a person showing discrimination toward a certain group of people based on this set belief. In today’s world, society plays a major role in impacting individuals attitudes and behavior. Social psychologist believe that people become prejudice because of cultural norms, observing and listening to others people 's behaviors, …show more content…
This uneasy feeling results in many people acquiescing to injustice behavior just to fit in with society whether or not they agree with the racism or not. Cultural norms are also evident when it comes to politics. Every year, politicians and the media are able to predict which states will vote mostly democratic or republican based on their previous expressions of beliefs. Cohn (2014), publisher for the Demographic Shift, once stated that there "... is no exaggeration to suggest that in these [southern] states the Democrats have become the party of African Americans and that Republicans are the party of whites". Southerners are not voting Republican because the Republican candidate is smarter or better than the Democratic candidate, they vote the same way each year because for so long, southern states have set invisible expectations and assumptions that one race is superior to another. Social psychologist will try to inform that cultural norms are what is expected but not forced laws of how to act. People must understand and figure out whether or not there is any merit to different cultural norms. Once one has determined what rules are morally correct, he must alter the way he thinks, and create his own …show more content…
If one would like to alter his behavior, he must surround himself with the type of environment that contains the people and things that can positively influence him. The general topic of this paper is Social psychology but the subject of prejudice and discrimination is the highlighting idea being expressed throughout the writing. I choose this particular topic because with all of the violence and protest occurring today, it needs to be understood why some people do and will never respect other people who are different from
Social Psychology 6 them. Once we learn some of the ways racism and discrimination are conceived, we may find ways that abort the negative beginnings and decrease the number of racist births. In order for the world to not only survive, but also thrive, we as a people must act together. If we would some day desire to reach interdependence and reach success, people must start following leaders who are exercising positive behavior and not blindly walk behind the others because of comfortability and approval. "Confidence is knowing who you are and not changing it a bit because of someone 's version of reality is not your

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