Prehistoric Interview Questions

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Suggested Interview Questions:
1. How did you first discover that you had this ability? When did it start?
2. How do you see the collective records?
3. What kinds of spiritual beings do you work with? Who are your Guides?
4. What’s the most profound personal experience you’ve had?
5. Why do you do this work? What is your mission?
6. What is the most consistent message you are hearing that is important for listeners to know?

Topic, Title & Bullet Points:

Clearing timelines through the Akashic Records: Reclaiming your 5Dimentional Path!
The veil is becoming clearer every day and we have the opportunity to observe the patterns that are holding us back from stepping into our highest potential. There is a new opportunity to create the timeline
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Now is the time to open up to you power and as collective and help raise humanity’s vibration as we move into the 5th dimension.
Join Anyaa Lightheart as she collaborates with your higher-self, highly conscious beings of light and your guides as we open the collective Akashic Records and re-connect you to the Crystalline light!

You will learn:
• What are the Akashic Records and the timelines.
• The importance of understanding your timelines as we move into the 5th dimension.
• What is the crystallization process of the DNA.
• How to connect with different highly conscious beings.
• How to integrate the activations and energy shifts.
• You will receive a collective clearing through the Akashic Records with the beautiful 12th dimensional Pleiadian Goddess,
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They will show you the different timelines and soul memories that need your awareness in order to remove density and blocks from this life.
During the session, Anyaa may use other tools to remove blocks that are preventing you from moving forward towards a less dense timeline. The tools include channeling, psychic surgery, connecting you with your star family, clearing and balancing chakras and/or clearing lower frequency entities. In some cases, the guides will provide instructions to do activations or download codes of light. If you are highly sensitive, you might feel, hear or see the energy/guides around you or feel a change in temperature. Others don’t feel anything at all. Either way, all is good and you will still receive the same

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