Pregnancy Is An Unforgettable Time Of A Women 's Life Essay

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Pregnancy is an unforgettable time in a women’s life. During pregnancy, women go through a wide array of major body changes, and during labor, may experience an excruciating amount of pain, but they are also gifted with a wonderful miracle at the end of this 9-month journey. A mother’s health during pregnancy is extremely crucial for positive fetal outcomes. While in the past, partaking in physical activity during pregnancy had been considered unsafe, more recent studies have showed the positive benefits of exercising for both the mother and baby. Unfortunately not all woman have the financial means or physical capabilities to carry through these prenatal exercises, that is why it is imperative that one does not generalize and speak of women in terms of groups rather than as individuals. If you have the means, modern day researchers are setting the facts straight and concluding that it is not only safe but beneficial to exercise while pregnant. (Ladewig, London, & Davidson, 2014). Numerous studies have been conducted by reputable sources and there have been significant additions to this body of knowledge. Pregnancy is a very stressful period in a woman’s life. Child bearing can add significant mental and physiologic stressors to a woman. Exercise has been shown to reduce stress in and to promote relaxation in expectant mothers. Similarly, symptoms of prenatal depression are significantly decreased in mothers who exercise while pregnant. Revolutionary findings have been…

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