Essay on Pregnancy During Pregnancy And Pregnancy

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Intimacy during Pregnancy

Introduction and topics included in the presentation
Sex BC (before child)

Will sex hurt the baby?
Sexual desire in pregnancy
Expected changes and adjustments
Contra indications to intercourse

Sex and your baby
Sex will not harm or injury you baby (NICE, 2008)

There is risk of developing a sexually transmitted infections if you have a new partner and some of these infections are potentially harmful to your baby.

Early pregnancy in the first trimester (4 - 13 weeks)
Desire and sexual intimacy

Sexual desire fluctuates through out pregnancy.

Factors that can interfere with desire and intimacy include:


In early pregnancy, many women experience increased tiredness and require more sleep. This interferes with their desire for intimacy. Generally, the increased fatigue resolves after 13 weeks (Blackburn, 2013).

Nausea and vomiting

Mild to moderate nausea is very common in early pregnancy and even without vomiting it drains sexual desire or that feeling sexy. Again the good news it that for most woman N&V resolves after 13 weeks (Blackburn, 2013).

Fear of miscarriage

Early pregnancy is a period of uncertainly and woman often feel the need to be extra cautious to protect their new baby however sexual penetration and intimacy is safe if there is no unexplained vaginal bleeding.

Sex in the second trimester (14 - 28 weeks)
Adjusting to your new body.

The second trimester is a wonderful period of the pregnancy (generally your…

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