Preferential Healthcare Essay

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Hayden Landry
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Preferential Health Care

Health is a very important aspect of our everyday lives. The health of an individual and a nation are crucial to the continued progression of said persons, for without our health, we are all but useless. In this essay I seek to examine the benefits of the public healthcare system over it’s private counterpart, not only in Canada, but any country attempting to utilize their society to the fullest. I will argue that the welfare-state liberalistic approach is much better because it seeks to pool the resources of the many and regulate/distribute it to the few in dire need, hopefully resulting in a diminishing number of sick and homeless. I begin my essay by highlighting
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George F. Baer once said “all labor is noble and ennobling, that to work is the duty of man and that the right to work must not be denied to anyone” which highlights further the importance of providing healthcare to those in need, as a means to promote equal opportunity for work and contribution to the economy. It is a well-known fact that the employed have better health than the unemployed simply because they have more opportunity and access to health care. The accessibility of healthcare in Canada is far from optimal, but it is being improved as years go by, although that will not be expanded on in this essay, it is worth mention. Although accessibility is one factor, we also notice trends such as transportation, motivation and education as leading causes of the non-working ignoring their health. Providing equal opportunity to people is a large focus of the welfare-state approach because many studies have found that labor market inequalities are widening the gaps between the health ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’. If we provide the basic necessities of life and health to the people in need, it allows them more flexibility and ability to go out and search for jobs. Many people suffering from homelessness or job loss are not in their position out of free will, and many times it is due to a health issue that cannot be amended, public healthcare would eliminate this problem. A recent

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