Precious Essay

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The movies starts off with a picture of a red scarf hanging off a street lamp and then flying through the air.

Harlem, 1987. Clarice Precious Jones (Gabourey Sildibe) is in a math class, daydreaming. She is wearing a red scarf. Much of the film is in first-person narration. She narrates, My name is Clarice Precious Jones. I want to be on the cover of a magazine. I wish I had a light-skinned boyfriend with good hair. But first I want to be in one of those BET videos, and we see a fantasy sequence of her dressed in a photo-shoot, accompanied with a light-skinned boyfriend (who will be in all her future movie sequences.) She also says I 'm gonna break through, someone is going to break through to me, ima be normal and sit in the front of
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The rain is actually her mother, Mary (MoNique), throwing water on Precious's face to rouse Precious from the floor.

Precious is cooking dinner when the doorbell buzzes (they live in a typical run-down New York tenement building- although it is not typical for apartments to have two floors). It is Mrs. Lichtenstein, who wants to talk to mom. Precious tells her off, but Mrs. Lichtenstein stays on the intercom to tell Precious about the alternative school, Each One, Teach One. After the principal leaves, Mary becomes extremely upset and verbally abuses Precious, blaming her for bringing the white b*tch to her house, in that having any visitors snooping around might jeopardize the welfare check payment. (Mary is scamming the system). Mary continues: she blames Precious for stealing her man, saying that school is of no use for Precious, that Precious is fat and undesirable, and that she should have aborted Precious. Mary then rushes to beat Precious.

At night Precious looks at a photo album to console herself. The photos talk to her (more fantasy). In the morning, before Precious leaves the house, she adjusts herself in the mirror but sees herself in the reflection as a white blond girl. (For you psychology buffs out there- it seems that Precious may suffer from a dissociative disorder- which would not be surprising given the level of abuse she has endured). Precious goes to Each One, Teach

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