Preachy Movie: An Analysis Of The Movie 'Home'

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«Home» - is not just a preachy movie that convinces us to protect our environment. We must be environmentally responsible, but the basic idea of the picture is still worth another thought, which could further affect the outlook of people.
"Faster and faster" - repeats the narrator in the film, referring to our unrestrained consumption of everything, but the refrain creates a feeling of anxiety. As if we repeat that we are getting closer and closer to approximate our death. It surrounds us with an ecological disaster denser and denser. «Home» is not only popular science teaching. This film is a warning, one might even say, a dystopia or a disaster movie. It shows us what happened to our homeland as a result of our greedy lives over the past
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The idea is to encourage us to give in return anything that will help us and our children live on the planet. I have been in countries that have signed various agreements, and most importantly – they do something that helps preserve and restore our environment. These countries are full of factories do not release harmful emissions and waste. There are forests that grow and no violent resource consumption. At the same time - very high standard of living, a variety of food and no water scarcity. The film "Home" - a great visual aid of what we have, what we lose and what we will lose, if we do not listen to those who are doing everything to help our world. Fortunately, there are truly wise people, and with their help, we still hope to save the planet. We must understand that everything is in our hands and in our power, and do not despair if you feel that you are in minority. After all, to sew a shirt for a naked person, we need each thread, even the shortest one. We are well aware that this is not the only problem in our society, but at the same time, we need to understand that it is the most important because it affects our

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