Pre Instructional Assessment Reflection

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Reviewing my pre-instructional assessment/inquiry that I took the first class meeting, I am able to better fully judge the extent of my learning throughout the semester. One major contribution to this learning was how much I have grown in my multicultural competence due to working collaboratively with my two partners. The collaborative partnership that was created pushed my thinking and my learning further then if I was learning the information on my own. One specific example of my growth and breaking out of my own encapsulation was when discussing culturally diverse students in special education. While possessing a background working with special education students and now currently serving as an administrator in an alternative education …show more content…
While as a class we are continuously working on our foundational knowledge of multicultural education our next move is to the action phase. I believe Rhianna is a great example of a change agent looks like starting off. She is someone who took her understandings and growth in the course and is now working to right the injustice that is prevalent in our teacher education program in regards to multicultural education. Viewing her and her actions with her students, I can see an example of one of my partners taking our learnings and working for change. As a someone who has learned about change and how to instill change in organizations in my graduate work, I am inspired by her to begin my own change. First, I realize that the change must happen with me first and then I can be a leading example to those around me. I can see my next steps on where I must go in further multicultural education to my staff. Leading from this example, I am beginning to focus in on multicultural facets that I have control over and can begin to change, such as the over qualification of Black students for special education services due to culturally bias screeners. Taking my knowledge and then becoming a change agent is my next step and I am excited to being the next chapter in my multicultural education

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