Prayers And Answers : My Sisters And My Family Essay

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Prayers and Answers My sisters and I had just finished unloading the garbage out of the back of the pickup and it was time to drive back to the house to fill it up again. I had backed up just a little too far this time and the pickup was sitting on a steep slope. At eleven years old, I was not strong enough to hold the brake and push in the clutch to start the engine. As I struggled to hold them both and turn the key, the pickup rolled backward and up over the top of some straw bales we had just unloaded. As much as I tried I could not get the pickup to move. I climbed out to see what was going on and found the bales under the pickup and holding the tires off of the ground. One of them was directly under the muffler and as I was looking at it, the straw burst into flames, directly under the gas tank.
My little sister took off to run the mile across the fields to the house to get my parents. The other one made the comment, “we need to pray.” We both dropped to our knees and she began to pray and ask for help. As she prayed, the thought came to me to grab the wire cutter from the door of the pickup and cut the twine to release the bale so that I could move it out of the way and break it up. In my mind, I could actually see the cutters there in the door. They were there with bright yellow handles. Before she said amen I had the cutters and was breaking up the bales, with each cut string the wheels got closer to the ground. Once all of the strings were cut, I was…

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