Prayer Restrictions For Public Schools Essay

1141 Words Dec 10th, 2014 5 Pages
Is it strange that America’s youth can go their entire middle school period without hearing a prayer on school grounds? Schools and the government have become increasingly restrictive of religion when it comes to education. This has caused a large amount of opposition and controversy. There are many reasons behind the restrictions however what the most important question is not why prayer is not allowed in public schools but should prayer be allowed in public schools. The prayer restrictions came about as a means of integrating non-Christians into America’s school system which used to have lot of Christian prayer and bible readings in it. In response, Americans complained that their religion was being oppressed by the government. Some specific government responses have been a little extreme but these things happen. In other words, there is pressure to go both ways coming from both inside and outside of the government. However, the current policy gives perfect neutrality to all religions when it comes to education, allowing any form of prayer to happen on school grounds so long as it falls under specific guidelines. Therefore the government and schools should not give in to opposition regarding the restriction or prevalence of prayer in school.
The restrictions on religion in school might seem strict, and no set of laws are perfect but the alternatives are worse. The other two option are total abolition of religion in school or favoritism of religion. If we abolish all…

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