Essay on Prayer On Public Schools : Prayer

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Prayer in Public Schools

Prayer in Public Schools

Religion appears on many American symbols, from the Star Spangled Banner, to the Pledge of Allegiance, to our currency with the slogan “In God We Trust,” to our government’s tradition of using the Bible for swearing in public officials. Some may even believe that this country was built on a religious, Christian specifically, background. Religion is part of the foundation of America making prayer in public schools the controversial issue it is today. Religion has always been in our school curriculum whether in History or in many readers. There is no possible way to simply teach a world’s history without the involvement of religion. Religion has been the source of war, hope, and in some countries law, making it the foundation of many countries’ history. However, teaching these religions as fact instead of beliefs is when the topic becomes controversial. Lately, there has been a push for the return of prayer in school but there has also been a push for the complete separation of religion and school. The public school system has a lot of influence on our children. So the question arises should prayer or a moment of silence be allowed in public schools?
There are two important sides to every controversial issue; those opposing prayer or a moment of silence in public schools including the American Civil Liberties Union(ACLU), Americans United for Separation of Church and State(AU), many senators, liberalist, parents, and students…

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