Essay on Prayer Is The Spirit Of God

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Throughout the course of the Prayer and Spirituality class, I have learned plenty of information regarding my relationship with God and others. There are five units that have helped me to realize all that I have acquired so far. This includes prayer and encountering God, images of God, gratitude and mindfulness, meditation and journaling, and scripture. With this, I have grasped the truth of how God and His everlasting love draws us to form a relationship with Him. Attaining this essential bond with God is done through prayer. Prayer has reshaped and remodeled me in order for me to live my life following Christ, with my full potential. Prayer also compels me to view the rest of God 's creation as well as to be apart of it. However, one of the main focuses of prayer is the Spirit of God. Spirituality is capable of deriving from God 's spirit, evidently. The Spirit has brought all of God 's people to worship Him as individuals and together in the community. Ultimately, this course has led me to grow in prayer and to become more open and accepting to the Spirit.
Firstly, prayer and encountering God is one of the ways to further an understanding of God. He is considered as the sacred, in which we should strive to encounter and connect with. There are several ways to react with the sacred which includes ignoring, rationalizing, ridiculing, and having faith. But, to encounter God in a positive way, we must have courage in God. We have to be open to embarking on new adventures and…

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