Prayer Is A Tough Subject For Most People Essay

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Prayer is a tough subject for most people. As I was thinking about how to approach this topic it dawned on me that prayer is like eating healthy. 1) We know prayer is important, 2) We know it is beneficial for us. 2) We have a strong desire to do it, yet 3) We often struggle to have a consistent, vibrant prayer life.
Like eating healthy we are challenged with many of the same issues. Many aren’t sure what to do. We are not certain nor confident of how to do it. Nor do we have a grasp on what to pray for so at the risk of doing it wrong and somehow offending God, we just choose not to engage in the spiritual discipline.
In order to unpack some of the fear and sense of inadequacy attached to prayer, I will focus the next few Wednesdays on the topic. For the purpose of full disclosure, I am by no means a prayer warrior. So will can figure this out together.

Some Keys For A Vibrant Prayer Life From The Apostle Paul And Jesus:

1 . Praying Without Ceasing. "17 pray without ceasing," 1 Thessalonians 5:17

This verse has been the source of misunderstanding and confusion. The confusion is found in the translation of "Pray Constantly" The Greek word translated "constantly" really means, "without ceasing;" this does not mean, with a continual, like Paul prayed night and day event. Paul is not saying we should be praying 24/7. If you have tried this you have discovered just how difficult that endeavor is, so the result of that epic failure is to question your spirituality…

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