Essay about Prayer And Praise Are Present

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Prayer and praise are present in all religions. Christians, Hindus, Muslims, and others are all include prayer and praise in their worship. Religious doctrines require Christians to praise and thank the Lord for the blessings that have been given upon them. "God inhabits the praise” (Psalm 22:3 – “But thou art holy, O Thou that inhabit the praise of Israel.”) Other translations reveal that God is “Enthroned in/on the praises of Israel, or of His people.” This verse from the book of Psalms shows that God lives in people’s lives and the praises of his people. God ought to be praised because as his children, humans love him, and they should always be grateful for the wonderful things that he has done for them. Just like in places of work, people feel good when their work is reviewed, and complements passed to them about their good work. People through prayer need to praise God for who he is that is gracious, omnipresent, merciful, forgiving, and patient. God should also be praised for what he has done in the lives of human beings (Boadt 56). Therefore, it is very important for people to make prayer and praise central in their worship because it glorifies God and shows how grateful they are for the things that he has made. In the Bible, worship has been given in several meanings. Worship involves speaking, listening, and doing. Worship is expressed in the heart, mind, and in the body. Also, there is a type of worship that involves receiving instructions from God, and another…

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