Prank Texting Analysis

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Prank texting app

People are born jokers and all of us enjoys a good laugh. Everyone is a fan of a good prank and it usually holds true until the prank gets pulled on them. Pranking your friend through text is one of the easiest and simplest pranks to do because they can’t see your face or hear your voice. They are not able to see if you are saying the truth or not.

Pranks epitomize what’s good about the earth and they are gifts to remind people to have fun and enjoy. Do you want to send some prank text messages to your friends the easy way? If you are a wannabe prankster or an expert, there are apps that will make you to be the most popular prankster in town. If you want to prank someone from afar, download prank text applications so you
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If you ant to trick your friends into believing that you have a romantic SMS conversation with the hottest chick in town, you need to use this app. This app allows you to receive and to send fake customized SMS to anyone and you can also schedule the prank at a particular time.
7.Prank text app. When using this app, you are able to send real prank messages to your friends by emitting someone else.
8.Anonymous texting. Is a completely anonymous app that allows you to send messages while hiding your number so the recipient will never know who you are. It is also a two way conversation app that allows the recipient to reply, allowing for complete and continuous conversation. This app is untraceable and doesn’t show up at your phone bill at all.
9.Spoof text. This app allows you to send SMS messages to any number appearing that it comes from the numbers that you set yourself. By using this application, you can prank your friend by sending a prank from an anonymous sender. Just make sure that he is a sport when you send him something that might offend him.
10. SMS anonymous. This is a great app to prank your friends because this app allows you to send and receive anonymous messages. Your number remains completely hidden and the receiver is able to reply without them installing the
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There are few things in life more enjoyable than getting one over your friend to keep the day moving along.

If you are planning to use these apps, just remember not to use it to be harmful but use it to put a smile on someone’s face. There are many ways to prank someone but the most important part is setting up the prank. Remember that prank text messaging is fun and perfectly fine but you should always take not of what line not to cross. These applications does not support sending mean text messages to someone to embarrass him on purpose.

Tread carefully
It is strongly advised that you choose your victim carefully. While prank texting is not really illegal, a victim could still claim that you are harassing him and take you to civil court. If he can prove that you are harassing him, you could be liable to pay damages and ill also have a charge permanently on your criminal record. The use of the prank texting apps is very easy and it works like magic. However, these apps are just to send prank text messages and you should never use this app for illegal purposes. If you are found guilty by the authorities, you will be charged and will be imprisoned too. Just prank someone without hurting or harassing

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