Praise Of The Clashes Of Cultures Analysis

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According to philosopher and author Carlos F. Fraenkel it took meeting another culture that he began to realize just how deeply divided we are on the fundamental moral, religious and philosophical issues. After spending time studying in Cairo, Fraenkel befriended some Egyptians classmates and after a serious of discussions they all began to wonder and eventually question about each other’s way of life. This discussion ultimately began his quest an exploration how people cultures may be different, but that every culture want the same things out of life and how can each culture respect and honor each other truth as they know and live by. Fraenkel was bought up as an Atheist, his parents were Political refugees in Europe, but eventually settled …show more content…
This discussion with his classmates challenged him to see someone else viewpoint and how one can stand defend their own beliefs system and just the same right he has in defending his own belief system. Since his matriculation into the academic world as a distinguish professor, he has begun to address how we as people can learn much earlier in life than he did, that an individual can be able to engage in culture differences and similarities in a more constructive way, Franekel believe that it is more to loving the truth, than winning the debate. He became more sensitive to other people experiences in life and how one person experiences can shape their fundamental mindset. This experience touch him personally that after completing his studies and the downfall of the political system in his country, that he long for democracy and since he knew the political climate he made up his mind to educate the countries with unstable political environments. He needed to get other cultures to realize just how deeply divided we were as cultures. He believed that everyone needed an encounter like the one he experienced, to get …show more content…
Fraenkel argument was one that made me look within myself, just as this WIP other cu and begin to open my eyes and heart to other cultures and people. Being sensitive to, being patience with people when I see a lack of knowledge and understanding for my culture and values. We must realize that how we are raised will have such a lasting and drastic impact on how we view other cultures and people. We must be conscience of surroundings and be willing to adjust per the situation at hand. Not being afraid on taking on ignorance and prejudice that exists in this world, we must be willing to do our part in the educating others about our cultures and willing to learn other

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