Praise And Blame, And Moral Responsibility Essay

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Praise and blame, and moral responsibility

Praise and blame are essential parts of everyday morality and philosophy, but is not equal to true moral responsibility in the strictest sense, but is rather much more complicated and depends on what is in that person’s direct power, what they have done, and how that affects society. In this essay I will seek to explain praise and blame, the different views on it, how doling out praise and blame is a complicated task with many mitigating factors, and how this is important.
While at a water cooler the average Joe and Jane may not discuss the finer points of Kantian metaphysics, but hey may very well talk about their co worker, who had been fired for missing too much work from being sick, or their mutual friend who cheated on their husband, but was drunk and wasn’t in her right mind, and whether or not these things were right, and whether not the things that happened to them because f what they did were right. We all judge people, and praise and blame for actions is one of the essential ways we do this. But when we come to harder questions, which seems to contradict typical moral thinking. To begin to delve into praise and blame and discover how praise and blame we must of course, admittedly quickly deal with whether or not we have free will and therefore can be praised or blamed for our actions. Then we will discuss the things that come in-between and our actions and either praise or blame, and then the different views of praise…

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