Pragmatics Is A Growing Area Within The Linguistic Field And Linguistics

1866 Words Dec 1st, 2016 8 Pages
Nicole Lewis
BSc (Hons) Language and Linguistics

The rationale behind this particular research project is due to an interest within pragmatics. Pragmatics is a growing area within the linguistic field and although many areas are explored widely for example; scalar implicatures it is interesting that other areas such as distributive inferences are not studied within the same amount of detail, despite both having very similar properties. Due to this fact, comparing adult’s interpretations of distributive inferences compared too scalar implicatures should make for an interesting project for a dissertation.
This piece of work will be based around linguistic aspects. The subject area of this work will be within the area of pragmatics, looking closely at one particular aspect area which is referred to distributive inferences. The approach used here is known as a deductive approach, starting with a wider field (linguistics) and narrowing it down to a chosen topic (distributive inferences), People may also refer to this as a top down method.
Disjunction of a universal quantifier tends to give rise to existential inferences each of the individual disjuncts. Each of these individual disjuncts holds its own individual domain of the universal quantifier. For example, look at sentence (1) here you can see the disjunction arising because of the predicate “or” this predicate tends to give rise to sentences such as (2) and (3). So that statement is…

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