Practicing Medicine Can Be Grimm Work Essay

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In “Practicing Medicine Can Be Grimm Work”, Valerie Gribben compares and contrasts the uses in which medical textbooks and fairytales have assisted her in the field. Gribben states that her technical, perplexing medical textbooks aided in treating her patients’ physical health, but lacked information to treat her patients’ metaphysical health. As an undergraduate English major who studied Victorian fairytales, Gribben revisited The Grimm fairy tales and found the answers she sought to help aid metaphysical health. These fairytales helped Gribben better understand and deal with her patients’ experiences. I agree with Gribben due to the evaluation that even modern fairytales continue to develop keen lessons that help individuals deal with experiences within their own daily lives. Scott McCall, the protagonists in the television series Teen Wolf emerges into what seems to be the unobtainable. Typically within this supernatural universe, a Beta becomes an Alpha by being the most powerful within a pack in addition to killing their Alpha. However, there is another kind of Alpha, a True Alpha; this title of True Alpha is rare and can only be obtained “by one [Beta] who rises purely on the strength of the character, by virtue, by pure force of will” (Teen Wolf). McCall demonstrates his entitlement of True Alpha by not only protecting his friends and family, but also his town from numerous supernatural forces such as other werewolves, a pack of Alphas, a Kanima (shape shifter), and a…

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