Polygamy Essay

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children to be the next emperor in line. Violent actions such as murdering and forced abortion had been performed through the race toward the most grandiose (McMahon).
In the modern and the ancient world, jealousy are commonly exists among women. Although the first words of a polygamous family is to keep the spouses from having quarrels with another. But sometimes peace is not going to worked out because of the shared passion between two or more. In my perspective, the practice of polygamy is worse than committing adultery. In adultery, the relationship was kept as a secret. Sometimes not knowing too much can be the key to relaxation. Woman may appear generous of sharing her husband if another woman, but the sense of jealousy can appeared beneath
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On a small poll that I composed, more than 75% of the poll believed that religious believes have the most impact on how we view polygamy. Polygamous marriages are actually accepted in many religions for instance: Islam and Buddhism.One widely known religion that practiced polygamy is Mormonism. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or the Mormon church, was founded by Joseph Smith in the 1830s. Some groups of the church derived from the church and created what was known as the “fundamentalist Mormons”. The “fundamentalist Mormons” in the 19th century believed in a man would need at least three spouses in order to achieve to the highest level in the Heaven. Subsequently, the man would be allowed to govern his own universe (Robinson). However, the practice of polygamy of the Mormons had declined in the modern days due to the pressure yield by the government. The government had been pressuring the church to give up polygamy through legislative laws. The final act put on the churches called the Edmunds-Tucker Act in 1887. This act withdrawn the legal voting rights of the Mormons, posted a fine of $500-800 and prison terms for any practice of polygamy founded; and seized church properties that valued over $50,000 (Edmunds-Tucker

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