Practical Theories Of Education: The Development Of Curriculum And Supervision

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Sanders, D, P. & Mccutcheon, G. (1986). Journal of Curriculum and Supervision. The Development of Practical Theories of Teaching, 2(1), 50-67.

This journal suggests ways for turning practical knowledge into usable forms into teaching, and how it might be enhanced to develop learning, rather than being simply theoretical knowledge.
Sanders and McCutcheon (1986) says “Unavoidably teaching is active, intentional value-laden work. It is demanding physically, emotionally and mentally.” The authors describe the complexities of the three kinds of practices in the teaching process and provide practical examples of the three practices (Teaching practices, structuring practices and the organisational policies and operating practices) within the teaching
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Furthermore, it concentrates on the professional development in relation to the curriculum context of Physical Education (PE). The authors use data from 25 teachers and 14 advisers to different schools, conducted at the beginning of the school year and at the end of the school year. Phase one (beginning of the school year) was gathered in interviews and documents provided by the PD advisers and teachers, and phase two (at the end of the school year) explored their impressions of the strengths and weaknesses of the design and delivery of the content. Their research focuses on the impact of the professional development on how and what teachers learn about physical education. The main limitation in the article is that little attention was made to the learning differences in teachers during the study of professional development. The content delivered to the various schools was similar across all schools, therefore, it didn’t accommodate for the socioeconomic, ethnic, or the locality status of the schools. Furthermore, the authors suggest more extensive research is needed with the preferred ways of learning and levels of subject content knowledge. This article would benefit me as an educator as it indicates the impact of one model of professional development in Physical Education that can help me become a successful primary school teacher. It will increase my repertoire of the topic and the pedagogy involved in teaching

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