Power Of Love Essay

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The power of love Love as an eternal topic has been discussing and praising by the people no matter from old times or modern society. In fact that, there is nobody in this world truly understand what love really is, because love is an emotion that human can create by their hearts, their feelings, and nobody would actually see it because it is formless and invisible; it is so mysterious and unsearchable. Like what Samuel said in his poem “Love is a sickness full of woes, All remedies refusing. A plant that with most cutting grows, Most barren with best using. Why so? More we enjoy it, more it dies, If not enjoyed it sighing cries.”(Daniel 132) It has been said, the biggest difference between human and animal is that human have emotions and …show more content…
No doubt, love has become the most important emotion that a human could have. It is love to make people be together as a group, a family; it is love to let people to attract each other, and makes them get married to continue their generation; also it is love to make our world warm and peaceful. However, love is not just the attraction between two opposite sex, it also can be a great motivation for a person such as one’s passion and desire on something that he loves doing, love will give him an infinite power and energy to finish it, and he will never feel tired, because he enjoy doing the things he loves. Why would love exists in our world, no one have any idea to this complicated question, but the existence of love brought so many benefit to our life, and also made lots of things that we never expected become true. As the result, love as the most important thing that affects our world, it also carries its own meaning and value to our society and even human race. Love can give human power and motivation to achieve something without tiredness and hesitation; love is strong enough to let people to sacrifice anything even their lives to do something they think is worthy; love can give people hope and faith when …show more content…
Once they love doing something, when they start doing it, the love will offer them an infinite resource of power, they will never feel tired, like the machines working in the factory, never stop. That is the key to the success for those talent people, since the love that they discovered make them enjoy doing it, even it is difficult. Recall the story of Christine, Arnie was just a weak and coward person, who was being bullied and sacred by those bad students. However, everything just suddenly changed when Arnie met Christine, “I went back, thinking that it was maybe one of Arnie’s subtle little jokes. But it wasn’t. He was gone, lock, stock and barrel. Arnie had fallen in love.”(King 7)Arnie’s love to Christine has completely changed him into a different person. Because of Arnie’s love to Christine, Arnie had some unbelievable changes while he was fixing Christine himself, he spent almost every

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