Power Of Identity And The Injustices Of Our Criminal Justice System

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In society today, an individual’s identity plays a major role and it also gives an encrypting reason for the injustices that occur within our criminal system. According to Mr. Stevenson, an individual is more likely to be convicted based on their identity in the United States Criminal Justice system than their manner of innocents. Yet, justice should be served on whether an individual is actually deemed as guilty of the crime committed. In 1972, prisoners were estimated to the amount of 300,000. As of 2012, the prison system has been estimated to increase to about 2,300,000 prisoners and still showcases a continual increase in society today (Power of Identity).
Stevenson discusses five important ideas in his video “Power of Identity and the Injustices of our Criminal Justice System” as well as interview “Bryan Stevenson on the True Costs of Mass Incarceration”. For example, in the first topic which talks about racial inequality and economic injustice, Steven discusses how many African Americans lives are shaped by the aftermath of the slave era and disenfranchised. He describes this era as a time that persisted from the end of Reconstruction all the way through World War II where “racial terror” ultimately began to affect many people of color. Slavery was a great result of the misconception of African American identity.
Based on skin color, different facial features, differences within culture, African Americans were forced to be enslaved, killed and treated unequally…

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