Power Naps : A Wake Up Call On Improved Efficiency Essay

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Power Naps: A Wake up Call to Improved Efficiency The secret to becoming more productive is not managing your time but your energy. We live in a society where long productive hours seem necessary to meet a deadline, cram for finals or juggle everyday responsibilities. But let 's face it folks...at some point our bodies begin to shut down, our systems are fried and it 's time to reboot. Traditionally, caffeine product use provides the necessary jolt to get the system started. However, a power nap has greater benefits. Recent research suggests power naps assist in improving mental functions, increasing energy and are beneficial to overall health. Therefore, the power behind a nap is becoming more practiced. What is a power nap anyway? When we recall our early school days, pleasant memories of nap time exist. Allotted quiet time to refresh a growing mind. One may ask, “If naps are beneficial for little ones, why not adults?” No longer should grownups shamefully snatch a catnap, doze off at our desk or hide away for a few moments of quiet time. The easiest, as well as, alternative way of of overcoming tiredness is to take a power nap. The term power nap was coined by James Maas, a professor of Cornell University. Maas performed extensive sleep research, focusing on the correlation between short interval sleep and performance rejuvenation. As a result, he determined that short intervals of sleep, lasting no longer than 20 minutes, allowed subjects to recharge their batteries…

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