Power Is A Fundamental Element Of Society Essay

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Assertions over humanity
Power is a fundamental element of society. It is something that is desired by everyone, but what is power? Power is the ability to influence the outside world or accomplish one’s goals (Anderson 47). Power can be divided into two types of power: physical power and societal power. Physical power is power at in its most basic form, and is defined by the literal physical strength of an individual (47). Societal power is more nuanced. Unlike physical power it is not determined by the actual individual but instead it’s defined by the strength of the political and economic connections one has. In the past the line, between these two types of power was vague. Physical strength often directly translated into societal strength (47). However in recent years the distinction between the two has become much clearer. Nowadays one’s social status is not determined by their ability as a hunter or warrior. Instead Social power is influenced by other factor such as wealth, connections, and political titles. However the source of the power is not the only distinction between the two. The influence one gains by acquiring each is another distinction. Physical power grants an increase to an individual’s immediate influence. With a large amount of physical power one can intimidate or influence other individuals with lower amounts of power. On the other hand societal power gives societal influence. Unlike physical power which is only able to influence changes on an…

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