Essay about Power in Technology

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Abstract According to the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB, 2002), every student should become technologically literate by the time they reach the eight grade. Evidence exist within the Houston County School District that A grant was written in 2009 requesting two million dollars to bridge the digital divide within our community. The grant was approved and a motion to coordinate a curriculum develop project has been accepted by the schools board committee. The goal of this project is to integrate technology among all middle schools that is at present an underserved community with limited access to technology. All stakeholders will be compiled into committees and a point of direct contact will be delegated for each group. …show more content…
The amount of information that was collected showed a drastic gap in the area of computer knowledge and availability. Their specific need were determined through a survey, which asked them to identify real world situations that they are currently seeking assistance, or guidance. Furthering the gap is the lack of funding that will provide the necessary educational tools to prevent recurring cycles. Therefore, the identifiable learning gap is that the youth (6th-8th grades), of the HCSD Community that live in low economic status, do not have the resources needed to cope in real world situations.
Actual Situation
Each school has been networked and connected, using a wide area network, to the district central office where the main server is located. One technology staff member supports computer technology throughout the district. All but a few of the desktops are standardized on a single operating system and connected to the LAN and WAN. Users are provided a certain amount of storage at the district office and are encouraged to keep unused data off the computers and to keep e-mail addresses clean. The central office is in complete control of the relay of information through filters and firewalls. When errors or computers become disabled, a work order has to be submitted. This can cause a revamp in lesson plans, daily schedules and lack of work performance. The computers that already exist in eight of the schools are strictly

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