Power Distance Cultural Value Spectrum Essay

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Leaders work with people to achieve a goal, bosses order people around and do not contribute to the end goal. I believe in being a leader, working along side others to reach an ultimate goal. Not everyone was born into a situation that has easily set him or her up for success. I come from a culture of people that has had to work extremely hard to get ahead in life. For this reason, I value equality on the power distance cultural value spectrum.
I put myself in the other person’s shoes to the best of my ability to gain an understanding of their point of view whenever I am presented with a conflict because the no one person is higher than the other, we are all humans and born equal beings. It is society that divides us. I do respect and recognize the hard work higher up subordinates have put into their job to land them a position of authority however, I do not agree with my culture when it comes to power distance.
Not being able to say no to a boss or to present new ideas does not benefit the overall success of a business or relationship; it restrains possible growth. This view stems from my stepfather. He is an executive manager for the county of Los Angeles. He was once a regular employee like the many people that work under him which is why he treats them all equally. He is required to give orders but he works with them to reach their goals. He does not simply tell them what needs to be done and go about his day. He is the person that has given me two different…

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