Power Corrups: Power Corrupts In The Republic

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Power Corrupts
(An depiction on how there are such things as a great leader, but there has to be boundaries so the power is corrupted by the leader.)
The world has housed many amazing people. They are adventurous, cunning, smart, and religious and everyone is a little different. The people look for leaders. People want to be able to make someone else responsible. Humans like having a leader they can blame. Three men looked at a leader and defined what they thought: Plato, Machiavelli and Aurelius. Plato quite politics and became a philosopher. His new life mission became to share the message his teacher died sharing. He created his own views, but published what is known as the Republic. He started teaching that a leader should be loved. Plato
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Each day people entrust others to teach and guide them. They want to know and understand, but are scared. They fear the responsibility and in order to get over their fear they release some of their control. They choose leaders who can and will help protect them. “Then we must choose out of the guardian’s men such as those whom we observe to be most careful for us all their lives long.” (Republic, pg. 245) Citizens have to pick the leader that will remember the people who chose him. The people give power to the leader and the leader has to respect the citizens. However, there will be times when decisions have to be made for the society. While impacting the community there will still be impactions for the individual. The leader has to solve the problems of the group, so the problems won’t leave to the individual. “Leadership is originally the source of the beliefs and values that get a group moving in dealing with its internal and external problems.” (Schein) The leader is meant to solve the problems. People experience fear. They fear the problems in the world and don’t want to have to decide, so they choose a leader. By picking their leader they willing give away some control. They relent the decisions of the group, so they can ignore the troubles of the world. "We know by experience that states have never signally increased either in territory or in riches except …show more content…
A leader can’t be weak. They have to look to the citizens in their decisions, but a leader cannot be known as a pushover. There are laws and regulation in a land for a reason and if a leader doesn’t punish those who wrong him, then the subjects will have no respect. “A prince must have no other objective, no other thought, nor take up any profession but that of war, its methods and its discipline, for that is the only art expected of a ruler." (Prince, pg. 54) There has to be discipline. In the end the law and the leader is the only thing that is right. “The proletariat, or the people, or the party, or the great captain is always right; the bosses or the crowd or the government, always wrong.” (Burnham) There are laws set in place for a reason. It isn’t to be controlling or to be rude, but it is for order. In a state there is more going on than a leader and followers. The people are always judging their leader. If the leader does something wrong, then there is a chance for a takeover. In order for a leader to stay in control, there has to be punishment. Being a strict and a honest leader keeps order in the state. With order there is

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