Jealousy: The Importance Of Envy

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Kent Sherwood
ENG 1103 03
November 6, 2017
Envy (Rough Daft)
Someone decided to do a special thing for his or her family. Another person saw how wonderful it was and became green with envy. The (Merriam- Webster) says that envy is” a painful, resentful awareness of an advantage enjoyed by another joined with the desire to process the advantage”. One may think of envy and jealousy as being the same. Envy is one of those iniquities that is easy to overlook. Envy is important because it lets one know the feeling they have is real. Power and deception are elements of envy, which can lie in wait and not be seen in the manner jealousy maybe.
The account of envy exists in church history. Martin Luther, one the church fathers, began to
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Man once thought that having the most money could bring him power: this work for a little while. Envy, is said to have been one of the sparks to set men’s hearts on fire (Alighieri, 1320/1867, verse VII). Feelings could occur when one do not feel that he or she have the strength others around them process. Even though a person may work hard and never, have a feeling of worth. Meanwhile, working hard to get a head and every one else seems to be breezing by. Envy has a way of making one experience external pain even though the pain is coming from within. Comparing ones, self to others may possibly cause a person to become unpleasant toward the individual he or she envies. People, are taught to use envy in every day life. For example in sports, one is instructed to be just as good as the person next to them; however, this can have dire …show more content…
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