Power And Prestige : You Are Fierce And Unapologetic Essay

837 Words Feb 2nd, 2016 4 Pages
You are fierce and unapologetic. You raise Hell and bring forth thunder when you speak with booming words of such profane ideas and insane thoughts. You’re like lightening hitting the sand and ocean during an outrageous storm, you send waves of pure shock through crowds that are silent and dull.
You’re like a drug that pumps through the veins of your victims, making them want more and more of you. You pull them in with your coy and curious ways, never giving straight answers when asked. You catch them within snares, but they have no desire to escape the traps you’ve set for them because you have such power over them and people tend to adore that. Power and prestige. You are not one of power and prestige though, it is all a façade. How can they not see that? There is no deception, you do not feed these people lies and give false hope and feelings of grandiosity. For some reason though that’s what they take from you. Sometimes you partially hide within the shadows of the night, other times you let the sun cover your body and fill you up with light which then you try to give to others. You are charged with such energy that if one was to touch you they would get shocked and never recover. You can recover pieces of someone’s heart and soul and stitch them back together like a seamstress, but you will end up pricking your finger more than once and draw blood that will slowly drip down your hand and fall to the floor with a splash that could possibly drown the whole world.…

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