Power And Politics : How Life, Change, And Causes And Consequences Of Human Behavior

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Power and Politics Sociology is known as the study of how life, change, and causes and consequences of human behavior in a social aspect. C. Wright Mills, Karl Marx, and Peter Berger, were three sociologists that developed their individual theories to clarify and examine society at different levels and from three very different perspectives. While these three authors differ in their innumerable methods, each have an essential point that they are trying to make which can be made applicable in any person’s daily life. This essay will take an in-depth look into their insightful background, perspectives, analyze their likeness and differences, analyze the overarching theme power and control in America, as these two entities relates to the historical and current events in America. C. Wright Mills was born in August 26, 1916, where he became an America sociologist, as well as, a journalist. Mills was able to spread his views to the students that he taught at Columbia University. Mills was published all over the world and he was remembered most for the many books that he was able to write. Mills achieved many exploits until he died in 1962, in Waco, Texas.
Mills work can be looked at being applied to American culture because, the major focal points of Mills work centered on: social inequality, the power of the elites and the control that they had on society, and the shrinking of the middle class, etc. The work that made him most popular was that of sociological…

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