Power And Oppression Essay

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Power and Oppression

Power and oppression are two different phenomenons that positively correlate. Discrimination which is the foundational principal of oppression occurs when one group openly vilifies another group for their marked differences. Such difference can be arbitrary such as race, sexual orientation,religion or due to past experiences IE... war or political strife. Discrimination as vapid as it is, occurs within all societies. From an Anthropological standout discrimination stems from our species need to congregate in packs. Our ancient ancestors like other pack animals utilized the pack as an instrument for survival. When facing times of hardship our ancestors would need to rely on the pack for assistance, hence having a strong communal bond was paramount. As a means to strengthen said bond our ancestor employed acts of discrimination. By openly discriminating against members of another pack, our ancestors were able to differentiate and distance themselves from others. This in turn intensified moral and allowed the group to work as a cohesive unit ,while simulation sly strengthening the community. The survival discrimination of our primitive ancestors need not apply in a modern society. This survival tool as morphed into a perverse system which has cost countless people throughout history a tremendous amount of pain and anguish .With that being said. There is a starch difference between discrimination and oppression. Oppression is an escalation of…

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