Essay on Power And Characteristics Of Nature

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Every living being has entered this world with the ability to feel their surroundings, to tell whether or not they are exposed to danger, or are surrounded by beauty, and tranquility. Similarly, one can feel using emotions and expressions which allow them to connect with others on a deeper level, eventually creating bonds. Living in the current century, it is evident that technology is advancing, and society has found ways to capture moments and keep them forever still. By using a camera, the power and characteristics of nature can be captured, and can be compared to the relativity of the way humans express emotions, such as fright and allurement, hatred and love, anxiety and tranquility. To begin, the first image captured expresses darkness and ambiguity, which causes the emotion fright to be seen. The photo was taken in the summer, right before a thunderstorm, which is why the clouds are as dark as cigarette ashes and are accompanied by unpredictable curves of a charcoal color. When relating the current photo with human qualities, it resembles the similarity of when one is frightened, and how one would act when frightened. For example, when an adult is frightened, their actions become unpredictable, and it is unknown whether they are going to strike forward for self protection, or take a step back for defense. These actions are usually accompanied by a high pitched shriek, or a yell which indicates to those around them and their environment that they are…

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