Power And Authority : Industrial Relations Concepts Essay

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6. Compare and contrast “Power and Authority” as Industrial Relations concepts
In the industrial relations system power and authority is used to accomplish objectives in organizations and trade unions members. The concept of industrial relations involves the interaction of employers and employees, for that reason without power and authority will be a lack of direction and control over the system of industrial relations. Authority most often comes from the duties and responsibilities delegated to a position holder in a bureaucratic structure whilst Power is the possession of authority, control, or influence by which a person influences the actions of others, either by direct authority or by some other, more intangible means.
Power and authority are distinct but related in perception they are used to influence and manipulate others, which will have an effect on industrial relations because persons have too little or too much power or authority when it comes to management, trade unions or even workers. In spite of everything authority is achieved through power.
Power and authority are the substance of industrial relations, for the negotiation of rules necessarily entails power and influence, being that power enables one to do what they want instead of checking to see what they are doing is right. Authority, on the other hand, is the right given to a person to give orders to subordinates and get things done by them. Supervisors and managers cannot perform their duties without…

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