Poverty and Crime Essay

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Poverty and Crime
October 29, 2015
Chris Manning Poverty and Crime
Poverty refers to scarcity or state of lack money or lack possessions of a certain amount. Poverty may be either absolute or relative depending on magnitude and severity. In the case of absolute poverty, one cannot meet basic needs like shelter and food. The poverty results from broad issues such as inequality, unemployment and high population density (Raphael, & Tolman, R.1997). Crime, refers to act that is harmful to individual and community or state at large by the individual. Crime exists almost everywhere in the United States, in both rural and urban areas. For this topic, the research proved that poverty indicates a high likelihood of crime
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Population composition also affects the crime system in the society. Youth is responsible for the crime. The study has shown youths who did not acquire basic education or were expelled out of school have a more criminal record than those did not (Drake, & Pandey, 1996). If the population is more than twenty-five, the more likely of crime. It is because youth is more vulnerable due to their low possession. The disproportional amount in minorities living in rural and urban areas leads to high crime (Raphael, & Tolman, 1997). The issue of racism also leads to lower wages and low jobs, resulting in high poverty level. The unemployment rate in metropolitan was about 12%, and minorities were about 30% in 1995. Correction of poverty and population density shows in countries that have high population density also has high crime rate due to issues such as high dependency ratio (Drake, & Pandey,1996).
A simple regression model can be used to clarify the direct relationship among the poverty level and crime rate using only unemployment example to explain this relationship when other factors are held constant. Date acquired from metropolitan and state area census. Metropolitans with about 100,000 inhabitants but had different employment rate and more than fifty percent live in urban areas. unemployed Crime rate/year
A 10000 2000
B 50000 4000
C 80000 6000
D 5000 150

Findings The metropolitan that has a high rate of unemployment, there was

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