Poverty : The Mississippi Delta, 1964- Present Essays

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Poverty in One of the Most Southern Places in Dixie:
The Mississippi Delta, 1964- Present Poverty is a plague that has swept across Mississippi for numerous of years. It is defined as the circumstances or condition in which an individual or community lack the fundamental needs for a minimum standard of well-being. One of the constant barriers in most rural communities is poverty. Though there have been many attempts to reduce the level of poverty, it is still an underlying issue in rural communities. Poverty disturbs communities by destroying the residents’ ability to support capital improvements, maintain an effective education system, improve their health, and lessening environmental issues. Michael Harrington implied that poverty is a vicious cycle that will never come to an end. In The Other America, he argued that poverty has created a subculture of its own, it is more than just a state of mind it something that individual must work on for years in order to overcome it, sometimes years is not long enough and it continue on through their generations. Consequently, one of the most poverty-stricken areas in Dixie is the Mississippi Delta. The Mississippi Delta has become one of the most impoverished regions in America due to various manifestations of poverty such as slavery, lack of education, politics, decline in health, and improper agriculture. Even though slavery did not begin in the Mississippi Delta, it became home too many. Nevertheless, the desire for wealth…

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