Poverty : Poverty And Poverty Essay

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Approximately 10.9 million American children from the age of 15-17 live in a family that has been struck by a low income, and the count continues to grow bigger by the day. That is about 21 percent of school-age children in America. (Kena, Musu, Robinson, Wang, Rathbun, Wilikinson-Flicker, Barmer, and Velez). These children are forced to face one of the most popular issues in the country today, poverty. Poverty, the act of being extremely poor or lacking sufficient financial funds, is a force to be reckoned with. It has become a prominent, fast-moving issue in the U.S., leaving families crippled in debt and unable to provide sufficiently for their loved ones. As of 2014, The United States poverty rate is 14.8 percent. That 's 2.5 percent higher than it was five years previous. (“Number in Poverty and Poverty Rate: 1959 – 2014”). Despite the large proportion of U.S. adults affected by poverty, the true victims of poverty are the children of the struggling families. Poverty affecting such families is often caused by factors like single parenting, poor education, war and political instability, national debt, or simply low income. (Srinivas, "Causes of Poverty"). For a child, growing up in poverty means drastic limitations to their lives and their ability to participate in everyday activities is obstructed. The children are unable to do average things such as work well with others, participate in sports or clubs, and most importantly, go to school and advance their educations.…

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