Poverty Of The United States Essay

1354 Words May 14th, 2015 6 Pages
Poverty in the United States is a major crisis because it is main cause of death in the world. It’s sad enough that people die of hunger, but it’s even worse when people don’t do anything to help this problem. One solution to this problem is giving the hungry jobs so they could have the same opportunity to earn profit like everyone else has. It seems that the US has already made attempts to give the hungry jobs according to this quote. “For adults, there are “food for work” programs where the adults are paid with food to build schools, dig wells, and make roads, and so on. This both nourishes them and builds infrastructure to end the poverty” (Poverty). And there is also a program for the kids according to this other quote. “For children, there are “food for education” programs where the children are provided with food when they attend school. Their education will help them to escape from hunger and global poverty” (Poverty). Adults should get another chance for education too because the statistics for years of education in each household has drastically changed from the 20th century according to this quote. “By age six, 49 percent of children who lived in households headed by an adult with less than 12 years of education were likely to have experienced poverty compared with 14 percent of children who lived in households headed by an adult with 12 or more years of education; by age 12, 58 percent compared with 20 percent, respectively; and by age 17, 63 percent compared with…

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