Essay on Poverty Of The United States

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Every day across the world “more than twenty-two thousand children die from poverty” (Today 1). As concerned citizens, we have to eliminate childhood poverty. Can you envision having no food, drinking dirty water, or living in a homeless shelter? Every day children who could’ve been the next president, governor, senator, or possibly father be murdered by poverty because they weren’t born into wealth. As a baby, you don’t get to hand select who your guardians are or their wealth. The “United States of America ranks thirty-fourth in childhood poverty” (Map 1). This is the a towering rate. When you think of America you don’t think poverty, or starving children. You think wealth, you think of America as a thriving nation. The United States has a higher childhood poverty measure than all of “Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. In the nineteen countries in the OECD nations, America ranks 17th. The United States poverty rate is the highest in all the developed nations”(Poverty Programs). The highest poverty rate of all the developed nations is so ridiculous. Many refer to the United States of America as the richest country in the world. Nevertheless we are the highest in poverty? Does that make sense to you? There has to be a way to terminate this heartless act and bring the poverty rate down. Education, job opportunities and support for mothers America can lower the rate of poverty. Some may say that it’s not our job to support the unprivileged children that you…

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