Essay on Poverty Of Poverty And Poverty

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Over 50 million Americans are living in poverty in the US. There was a comment made about the US that stated, America is a rich country full of poor people. While there is an overwhelming amount of poor/homeless Americans in the US, there usually is still this stigma attached to people who are living in poverty. People living in poverty/homelessness are thought to be uneducated, lazy Americans who want to spend their lives living off the government. However, if you were to walk in the shoes of an American living in poverty, you would see that those statements couldn’t be any further from the truth. While poverty does not discriminate on race, gender, age, etc. more people in certain demographics are more likely to be living in poverty. For example, in 2014, 13% of men were living in Poverty and 16% of women were living in poverty, so poverty is more common with females. Also, in 2014 married couples had a poverty rate of 6%, while in single-parent families without a mother present had a rate up to 16%, and for single-parent families without a father in the picture had a poverty rate of 31% (The State of Poverty, 2014.)
People suffering from a health concern is at an increased chance of going declining into poverty because once they start missing a lot of days off of work, their position at their job is unsecure. Many people who lost their job was a result from missing too many days off of work for health related issues, either with themselves or blood family. Lack of…

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