Poverty Of African Poverty And Infrastructure Essay

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African Poverty and Infrastructure “Only 34 percent of rural Africans live within 2 kilometers of an all-season road,” which is drastically lower than most other developing regions who post that 64 percent of their residents have quick access to an all-season road (“Better Access to…”). This embarrassingly low number explains that Africa has such a high poverty rate because the citizens of this continent have very little access to roads, hence raising the level of poverty. The lack of infrastructure, which includes roads and public buildings, is continuing to keep Africa impoverished. Without roads and other structures, the economy is not able to grow, keeping Africa in a continuous state of poverty. Therefore, the public buildings and transportation systems in Africa need to be improved in order to lift the region out of poverty for good. However, there are some critics who believe that poverty can be combated in different ways such as reducing high crime rates or through vaccinations and other health related issues. But, many agree that the only viable solution to reduce poverty is to improve infrastructure. Poverty in Africa can be erased by upgrading public buildings and roads to promote economic growth. One of the biggest pieces of infrastructure that will help in the reduction of poverty is the promotion of economic growth. Many believe that economic growth is the biggest reducer of poverty, stating that “Economic growth is the most powerful…

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