Essay about Poverty, Money And Love

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In Jessica Jackely’s TED talk titled, “ Poverty, money—and love”, she explains the origins of Kiva— a microfinance community—and discuses a new solution to the idea of poverty, one that does not just look at monetary gains. First, she explains how she first learned about the poor when she was six years old , by attending Sunday School. She discussed how from an early age she was taught to help the poor—give them foods, money, and clothes. She explains how over time her perspective poor became negative. She explained how she, like many Americans, feel guilty, and would donate to the poor to relieve her own guilt and suffering. She then was inspired by Dr. Yunus, and began to volunteer in East Africa. While in East Africa she interview entrepreneurs and began to engage and listen to their stories. From her experience she started, Kiva, a organization which gives microloans to entrepreneurs in the developing world. However, she empathizes the need to help the poor by engaging with them, listen to their stories. Thus, Kiva aims to end the stigma of “other”, and allows people to form relationships. She argues that the microloans process, allows entrepreneurs to think about the future—“make tomorrow better than today”--because their business can grow an thrive. Lastly, she stresses the role of supportive communities, and finds that people don’t just want more money, but also meaningful relationships. This finding has led her to create a new project called “Profoudner.” In…

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