Poverty, Lack Of Education, And Crime Essay

1585 Words Nov 30th, 2016 7 Pages
Poverty, hunger, lack of education, and crime are diseases that plague the world. Whose job is it to end all of this? Apparently it is left to America to do this. The American government gives billions of dollars to these countries to hopefully try to end this, but it does not. These issues with our society, have not just developed. Since the beginning of civilization’s these issues have been a part of society, it is inevitable. There is one thing that can be done, focus on the people that matter most, Americans. Taxpayers money goes to other countries when the money could help their own families, not used to fabricate plans that kill American American money is spent on countries that do not use the money properly, the money supports criminal organizations, and the money should be spent on Americans.
Poverty is not limited to the third world countries. This issue stretches all over the global, America is included. In 2011 poverty-related deaths were about one hundred and thirty-three thousand (Johnson). In 2015 twelve point seven percent of Americans were food insecure (Hunger in America). Someone that is food insecurity does not know where their next meal will come from. These are people that go without food, not because they want to lose weight, not because they do not like what mom cooked for dinner, or because the do not feel like eating. They want to eat, but can not afford it. Instead of wanting the newest pair of Jordans, or a designer purse the want the necessities…

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