Poverty Is The State That One Lacks Money And / Or Material Possessions

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Poverty Poverty is the state that one lacks money and/or material possessions. Poverty is powerlessness, with lack of freedom. Poverty in the United States is only one of many factors associated with food insecurity People around the world lack shelter because of this situation. Poverty can cause sickness, and then the people in need do not want to go see a doctor. There are several ways that someone can go into the stage of poverty. Maybe that someone was born with an unprivileged family, or they could have gotten kicked out of their house. Running away could always be another situation, did I forgot to mention that economic failures can lead to poverty? There many possible ways that someone can reach the status of being in need. There is a history of poverty in America. Humans living in colonies and trying to survive by collecting things from the environment. Then they would settle down in a specific territory and start their own nutrition. Even in these early stages the concept of poverty exists because people are classified by the territory where they live and by their sex. After many of years the amount of people suffering from poverty has continued to increase. Poverty is living in situations where you are unable to earn enough income to keep up with the current cost of living. People living in poverty find it hard to dig themselves out. They cling on to savings by pinching pennies that they fail to see opportunities to escape. Many people want to escape the…

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