Poverty Is The Mother Of All Crime Essay

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“Poverty is the mother of all crime” true or false? Both true and false. Starving or well-fed, on the streets or under a roof, penniless or prosperous; a criminal can come from any condition, any background, anywhere. A criminal can be a mother or grandmother trying to feed their family. A criminal can be a politician with alternative motives. Poverty is not the mother of all crime. Desperarity and power are the mothers of crime.
The impoverished and the hungry and the destitute are forced to resort to a life of crime to survive. Helen Johnson, a mother, grandmother, and aunt, was caught stealing five eggs so she could feed her children, grandchildren, and niece. Miss Helen is a good, kind-hearted lady who had to turn to theft to feed her family who she was so desperately trying to feed because her monthly welfare check of $125 was lost in the mail. Her family was close to starvation. They had not eaten a scrap of food in two days. She had to do something. She did the only thing she could, she stole. Miss Helen Johnson confessed to the misdeed immediately. The grandmother was so upset when the store owner called the police and when they came she tried to give them the only money she had, $1.25. The police and the store decided not to pressed charges and gave her a gracious gift of two truckloads of food for her starving family.
Teenagers are supposed to be concerned with what their moms made for dinner tonight, not if they are going to have dinner tonight. Teenagers are…

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