Poverty Is Related To Overpopulation

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Poverty is related to overpopulation
When the population increases, the strike for poverty also increases, this is a big issue.
When a country has overpopulation, the government is not able to support each one of them financially, which causes poverty. When the population increases, the resources and services are limited and cannot meet the demands of the people in a country with a big population. The resources available in a country can only supply a limited number of people. If a country runs out of these resources, the country will go below the poverty line, and countries will start borrowing money from other countries and this can cause an economic crisis.
I accept this matter, due to the fact that when there is a high number of individuals
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If a country has high rates of students that are not educated, how will the individuals in a country be able to produce jobs for other individuals, in a country you need firms, and you also need entrepreneurs. If you have all these required aspects, the country will be stable economically. Meanwhile if you do not have these aspects the country will go down into pieces. Lack of education causes a big problem to many families, and individuals. Children are losing their self-esteem and confidence and their knowledge of information. Children who don’t go to school, will not know how to relate themselves to children who went to school.
I accept this matter, due to the fact that when individuals don’t complete their educations, this can cause unemployment rates to increase. The increasing of unemployment rates, can cause a country to go poor.
Poverty is related to national debt
National debt is a problem that unfortunately a lot of countries are facing these days, if a country keeps on taking loans from wealthy countries this can cause economic
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This can cause the underdeveloped countries to lose most of its GDP and live under economic instability.
Poverty is related to Natural Disasters
Natural disasters can affect the countries, who are not as wealthy, this can cause a country to go below the line of poverty.
In countries that are less wealthy than developed countries, natural disasters can affect poverty. In each of these cases, people are escaping their countries to find better lives, losing whatever little they had, forced to develop a new life outside their countries. The Solomon Islands experienced an earthquake and tsunami in 2007 and the country lost 95% of its national budget. Without help from other countries, governments in these countries would have been unable to meet the needs of their people.
Natural disasters only happens if the country doesn’t have the money to fix everything back to normal, disasters will break down everything. If the country can live through this disaster, and be able to fix it, then everything will be good.
Poverty is related to government

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