Essay on Poverty Is Not An Accident

790 Words Dec 9th, 2015 4 Pages
Poverty is not an accident. It is fabricated from one’s own decisions. The essay “What is Poverty” is a story about an extremely poor woman name Jo Parker. With a month income of $78, Jo Parker must provide food and shelter for herself and her three children. In the story, Parker makes many sacrifices from her own life and health and constantly worries about the poor condition of her three children. She also gets laughed at and judged by outsiders and is left with nothing but a big, black cloud of despair hanging over her head. A person who is in poverty lacks the money to buy basic necessities like food, medicine, cloths, and cleaning supplies. People who are in poverty are surrounded in dirt and a foul smelling odor that never leaves. After reading Jo Parker’s essay, I am more aware of the true meaning of poverty and I feel more sympathetic towards those who are truly struggling. The title “What is Poverty” made me think I was going to read a boring article that would just list off the general aspects of poverty. However, that was not the case for this article. As I started to read the article I became more and more intrigued to read further. The reason for this was because the essay was actually about a real person’s experience with poverty and what she was going through. As Jo Parker continuously listed off her ways she was in poverty, I could not help but to feel sympathy for her. The part of the essay that broke my heart the most was when she saved up her money for…

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